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April - 2024

Highest point reached in the construction of Hurkse Bogen. Click here to see more pictures of the construction.

Melkfabriek De Caai exterieur.jpg

September- 2023

Delivery of the shell contruction and the interior of the main hall of Milkfactory on the Caai . Waiting for  the renters to move in and the landscape to be done! See this link for more information about the available units.

August - 2023

In assignment of Harrie van Helmond we are are making preparations for the adjustment and renovation of the National Monument called "Coöperatieve Centrale Boerenleenbank" in Eindhoven. First step: make all the drawings of the current situation. See link.

June - 2023

Summer visit to the construction site of the Hurkse Bogen. The sunlight enters through the beautiful renewed glasstile rooflights. Click here to check out the plans.


June - 2023

Permit granted by the municipality of The Hague. We designed a roof extension on a monumental Jugendstil building in the haert of the Station Quarter in The Hague. See this link for more information.

July - 2022

Right after the Milkfactory we recieved the permit for the transformation of the Milkreception! See this link for more information of this project.

June - 2022

Permit for the transformation of the Milkfactory granted, demolition work started! See this link for more information.

November - 2021

After a visit of the Dutch Design Week, GLOW takes place in the Melkfabriek at The Caai in Eindhoven! At the moment we are making plans for the transformation of this milkfactory to a multifunctional building with the theme Future Food, health and social design. See this link for the whole story.