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Strijp T, TQ 5&6

The Netherlands, Eindhoven
Urban development Strijp T

Building TQ is part of the former Philips industrial area called Strijp T. After the well-known areas Strijp S en Strijp R this area will be the next to be transformed. Strijp T will be an unique campus for the high tech manufacturing-industry; “make, create and innovate” is the motto. Strijp T used to accommodate world leading companies as ASML and NXP, now the city of Eindhoven sees it at the centre of the Brainport Region. West 8, the landscape designer that was also responsible for the Strijp S area, is contracted to design the masterplan for the whole terrain and to act as supervisor.
Together with Bo.2 architectuur and stedenbouw we have been asked to make a design for the transformation of building TQ 5 and TQ 6 to multifunctional commercial space.
Architecture Philips in the period 1960-1970
The original design of building TQ is from the early sixties of the nineteenth century made by the Ingenieursbureau of Philips. Despite the functional and sober character, the architecture of Philips has become very recognizable and gets more and more the respect it deserves. The buildings can be characterised by the use of very decent brickwork, modernistic white window framing made out of steel and a concrete grid that divides the façade. We took this grid as a reference and added a new insulated aluminum frame to the concrete structure of building TQ 5.
Spatial interventions

What struck us directly was the fact that the entry to the 15.000 m2 building was very much pushed away. Not so strange of course because the building has never been a public building. Therefore we looked for strategic positions for new entrances; one along the newly created boulevard and one in the northern staircase (a remarkable brickwork tower). 

To make the entrance on the boulevard the facade on the ground floor has been pushed back 8 meters. In this way a 6 meter high underpass arises.
A huge glass facade completes the new entrance. On the frontside of the brickwork tower on the other side of the building we added a big canopy to indicate the second new entrance, right at the bottom of the staircase. The canopy picks up the lines of the brickwork tower so it looks like it has always been there.
north entrance
east entrance
Another remarkable intervention is the addition to the building of multiple 2-level high loggias. On the one hand these loggias strengthen the principal of the grid because the vertical lines change into freestanding column in front of the loggias. On the other hand the loggias connect the different floor levels. They are shared gardens that will feel like green chambers within the building. The ceilings of the loggias, as well as the ceilings of the underpass and canopy are made out of wood with a transparent finish. The color of the wood feels warm within the rational, strict raster.

The upper level of the building can be seen as grand terrace with a glass pavilion in the middle. From here you can actually see a great part of the city of Eindhoven, in particular the former industrial area of Philips called Strijp S, the famous predecessor of Strijp T.
Project data:

In collaboration with:
Geva Vastgoed
Strijp T, Eindhoven (NL)
Re-allocation office building
engineering 13.000 sqm (TQ5), industrial hall 2200 sqm (TQ6)
Niels Olivier, Frantisek Hanf, Robin-Jay King, Ioana Tsouka
Paul Goltstein, Bart Thal(Bo.2)

Bo.2 architectuur en stedenbouw
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