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Apartment Eikenweg

the Netherlands, Amsterdam
In assignment of Döll architects we provided the technical drawings and part of the interior design for a rooftop extension of an apartment in the centre of Amsterdam.
The shape of the extension on the roof of a four storey apartment building is partly defined by the regulations that apply to the area. Fact is that rooftop extensions in the centre of Amsterdam are very welcome(urban densification) but they should not be visible from the street. To achieve this the extension is set back from the original roof edge and the shape is “chamfered”. On the westside of the building this results in a big roof terrace.
The extension is made out of a light timber frame construction clad with zinc, which is a commonly used material in the old part of Amsterdam.
Appartment_Amsterdam_Eikenweg 2.jpg
staircase to roof extension
Appartment_Amsterdam_Eikenweg 4.jpg
hallway roof extension
Appartment_Amsterdam_Eikenweg 3.jpg
kids bedroom
In the interior the staircase to the roof is an important item because it had to be placed in the middle of the living room. We made a design out of oak in which the railing is also supporting the steps. The staircase becomes a peace of furniture in the living room. We were also asked to make a design for a loft bed in the kids room. Here we used the same priciple
Appartment_Amsterdam_Eikenweg 1.jpg
Project data:
In collaboration with:
Amsterdam (NL)
120 m²
Niels Olivier, Henk Döll, 
Robin-Jay King
Döll Architecten
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