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House Van Tongeren-Rijswijk

Rotterdam, Netherlands
This typical mid-century house in Rotterdam is extended with a dining room and kitchen. A part of the garage is changed into a playroom and the former kitchen is transformed into a scullery. With more living space on the ground floor and a bigger kitchen the house meets up to the requirements of the family.
The vertical stone slab, the slim framing of the glass façade and the cantilever that articulate the roof edge are referring to the modernistic architecture of the mid-century, just as the use of zinc and timber. The kitchen and outer wall, both with a wooden finish, are two parts of a whole. At the height of the worktop a peak through is made to the garden and the playroom.
house extension
extension from the garden
kitchen interior
living room interior
view from the living room
The client called for a seamless transition from old to new. To achieve this, the opening in the former back façade is made just as wide as the living room. The structure that supports the façade above the opening is hidden in the ceiling. Because of the minimalistic design of the sliding doors it seems that there is no façade at all and the garden becomes part of the living room.
housing extension wood cladding
Project data:
Rotterdam (NL)
Family house
40 m² extension (house 185 m²)
Niels Olivier, Robin-Jay King
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