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Uitbreiding TAQ Strijp T 9.jpg
High Tech company Settels Savenije Group of Companies (STTLS) is growing fast. Two years after they moved in  Pump building TAQ, that was also designed by us, STTLS assigned us to make the design for an extension of the laboratory, cleanrooms and production hall of nearly 6000 m2.  The extension will be placed against the current production hall on the Strijp T area. The building will be prepared for a future office tower.

The Netherlands, Eindhoven

TAQ (extension)

Because of the big size of the extension we want the new building to be a contemporary reflection of its surroundings. The facades of the buildings on Strijp T, typical Philips architecture of the fifties/sixties, are characterized by solid brickwork, often with concrete frames and modernist, white, steel glass facades. Therefore we designed a facade that consists of a rigid concrete grid with brickwork, concrete or glass infillings. The big windows do not have the characteristic subdivision of frames like the surrounding modernist buildings. The current methods of constructing glass allow us to use much bigger window frames so we only make subdivisions where it is really necessary. An important feature in the design is the sightline that stretches from  the western façade of the old pumphouse, right through the new hall to a big window opening in the eastern façade.
Uitbreiding TAQ Strijp T
TAQ logo in concrete panel next to expedition
Uitbreiding TAQ Strijp T 6.jpg
facade detail
Uitbreiding TAQ Strijp T 7.jpg
concrete grid with brickwork, glass and concrete filling
Because of the main activities of the company (precision manufacturing), light is an important factor. We wanted to comment on this in a sustainable way. That is why we designed huge shed roofs to import as much daylight as possible. At the same time, this also refers to the original surrounding buildings, in which the use of skylights was more common due to the lack of proper artificial light.
Spaces like offices and the separate measuring room are placed in the centre of the hall as a detached object and most interior walls will be made out of glass. This way the shed roofs have the most effect. Moreover, from every point in the hall you have a great overview and you are able to look outside through one of the big windows.
TAQ_Eindhoven_StrijpT_Pompgebouw 4
Project data:
Strijp T, Eindhoven, (NL)
Extension industrial hall, cleanroom
5700 m²
Niels Olivier, Robin-Jay King, Ioanna Tsouka
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