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Loft Apartment

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

In co-operation with Döll Architects we made the design for the reconstruction of an apartment in the center of Amsterdam. The assignment was to change the lay out to the current use and to modernize the equipment and finish to future standards. Also the terrace, now accessible by stairs, will we made accessible without a height difference.
House in a house
The building, from which the apartment occupies the first floor, was erected in 1906 as a curtain factory. Big spans, nicely ornamented columns and a big floor height characterize the building.The most eye-catching part of the design is the new “house”, in the middle of the apartment, with a striking color. In it, the new kitchen is designed, connected to the scullery/storage. On top of the kitchen there will be a tv lounge to fully use the big floor height. This mezzanine floor is bounded by a glass wall on two sides and by a net on the other sides. The glass wall, with wooden frames coated with a transparent finish, meanders right through the apartment and functions as a sound barrier in between the living room and the bedrooms. At the same time the glass wall brings as much daylight as possible to the heart of the apartment.
Loft Apartment bird's eye
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Living room
The existing windows of the apartment have a pretty high sill. Therefore the sitting area is made on a lifted up podium, with an oak parquet floor, so you can look outside while sitting down. On the short side the podium can be reached by a small number of flights on a little “stand”. On the longer side a bookcase is integrated in the podium. The different parts of the bookcase are mobile in order to  make the space under the podium reachable. On the lower part of the living room there is place for the dining table next to the façade with two new double doors to the terrace.
In the bedrooms on the frontside of the apartment two mezzanine floors are created, as well as the stairs to reach them. By extending the bars to the floor a cupboard is integrated under the stairs in the kids bedroom. The bars of the balustrade on the mezzanine floor are extended to the ceiling. In the bars “windowframes” are integrated. The space on the mezzanine floor reminds you of a tree house.
The floor of the master bedroom is finished with oak parquet for the biggest part. This finishing goes up to the walls as it is an extension of the podium in the living room on the other side of the wall.  Drawers and alcoves are integrated in the oak finishing.
A walking bridge runs through the double-height entrance hall from the tv lounge to a technical space on top of the bathroom. Instead of a balustrade a horizontal net will be hung up in the entrance hall for the kids to play in.
Project data:
Amsterdam (NL)
Reconstruction apartment
190 m²
Henk Döll, Niels Olivier, Robin-Jay King
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