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Wohnquartier St. Barbara

Germany, Duisburg
For the competition “Wohnquartier Sint Barabara”  in Duisburg Döll Architecten asked us to join a design team with Karres+Brands. The assignment was to design an urban plan with a mix of terraced houses(120) and apartments(200) in the outskirts of Duisburg. Apart from this we had to come up with ideas for the re-allocation of the old Sint Barbara hospital that lies in the center of the planning area.
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We concentrated the apartments mostly on the south side of the terrain. Three to five-level  high blocks create a noise barrier in between the row houses and the busy main road. The apartments are placed on a green deck that connects to ground level. Under the deck a big carpark is planned for the apartments as well as the row houses. In this way we try to keep the neighborhood car free. On the north side, in between the housing blocks near the main road residents park their cars in pockets, away from the gardens and front doors.  A network of bicycle roads and footpaths cross the area instead of streets. The competition program suggested a high density. Therefore the houses have relatively small gardens. We gave the residents a big collective garden in return.
The former monastery, now hospital Sint Barbara should be the new center of the neighborhood with a child care center and a primary school.
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Project data:
In collaboration with:
Duisburg (DE)
Urban plan, Houses
3rd place
Niels Olivier, Henk Döll
Döll Architecten,
Karres en Brands
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