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Ulice Frantiska Krizka

Czech Republic, Prague
Together with Czech office Atelier Hanf we entered a competition for the redesign of Ulice Františka Křižika, one of the main streets of Holešovice just north of the old town of Prague.
The main idea was to regard the street as one long stretched square. That means no curbstones or asphalt, but just one type of pavement for the whole street profile. Street furniture like light poles, parking meters and trash cans indicate the edge of the street. Apart from that the pattern and color of the pavement differ according to the function. Parking zones, driveway and sidewalk are clearly recognizable.
The pattern used for the sidewalk refers to the historical paving in Prague, a characteristic play with squares and rectangular shapes. We also used the pattern to integrate urban furniture.
Because there is no height differences in the pavement the use of street surface is flexible. For example during the week the space in front of the cinema can be used as a parking area, in the weekend it is a terrace where people can have a drink in front of the cinema.
impression urban furniture with cinema in the background
plan view
Project data:
In collaboration with:
Prague, (CZ)
Urban plan
500 m
Niels Olivier, František Hanf
Atelier Hanf
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