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July - 2022

Right after the Milkfactory we recieved the permit for the transformation of the Milkreception! See this link for more information of this project.

June - 2022

Permit for the transformation of the Milkfactory granted, demolition work started! See this link for more information.

November - 2021

After a visit of the Dutch Design Week, GLOW takes place in the Melkfabriek at The Caai in Eindhoven! At the moment we are making plans for the transformation of this milkfactory to a multifunctional building with the theme Future Food, health and social design. See this link for the whole story.

July - 2021

The Hinge nominated for the Willem Diehlprijs in Arnhem! The Willem Diehlprijs was brought to life in 2007 by architectural institution CASA to stimulate a diligent dealing with the built heritage of Arnhem. For more information about the price see this link.

March - 2021

We have been granted the assignment for the transformation of the Melkfabriek on the former Campina factory terrain in Eindhoven. For more information of the Campina terrain check this.