June - 2022

Permit for the transformation of the Milkfactory granted, demolition work started! See this link for more information.

November - 2021

After a visit of the Dutch Design Week, GLOW takes place in the Melkfabriek at The Caai in Eindhoven! At the moment we are making plans for the transformation of this milkfactory to a multifunctional building with the theme Future Food, health and social design. See this link for the whole story.

July - 2021

The Hinge nominated for the Willem Diehlprijs in Arnhem! The Willem Diehlprijs was brought to life in 2007 by architectural institution CASA to stimulate a diligent dealing with the built heritage of Arnhem. For more information about the price see this link.

March - 2021

We have been granted the assignment for the transformation of the Melkfabriek on the former Campina factory terrain in Eindhoven. For more information of the Campina terrain check this.

December - 2020

Plans for Hurkse Bogen are nearing completion, tenants are welcome in the temporary showroom, click for more information...

July - 2020

Loft apartment Amsterdam  delivered. Reconstruction of an appartment in a former Curtain factory. The new kitchen and storage room are added in the form of a 'house in a house', with a lounge on top. More about the loft...

june - 2020

The Hinge published on Archdaily!  More about The Hinge check this.

April - 2020

Exterior TAQ nearly finished. The extension of TAQ is the first newly constructed building on Strijp T in Eindhoven.  More about the extension and TAQ

April - 2020

With the green lawn laid out and the kitchen installed the extension of the house for the Van Tongeren-Rijswijk family in Rotterdam is nearly finished. Click here for more information.

March - 2020

Our team (Döll architects & Niels Olivier architect, with Karres en Brands landscape architects and Coido architects) won the shared first prize in competition Mansergh Quartier Gütersloh (DE), for more...

October - 2019

Dutch Design Week (DDW) in TQ 5 and 6 on Strijp T. More about TQ.

September - 2019

Building nearly delivered, outside furniture is installed and the site construction is in full swing. Only a couple of floors left for rent. More about TQ.

April - 2019

Spring visit at TQ, Strijp T, Eindhoven. The grid is emphasized more with the blinds down. A few more weeks until it's finished. More about TQ.

April - 2019

Apartments Stadskade Tilburg are finished, people are moving in. From the penthouses we enjoyed the view over the Piushaven. The central square behind the apartments is cleaned up, now wait for the plants and trees to grow. More about Stadskade

December - 2018

Rooftop apartment Eikenweg in Amsterdam is finished. In assignment of Döll architects we provided the technical drawings and part of the interior design.

More of Eikenweg 

November - 2018

In collaboration with Döll Architects and Karres+Brands we ended in a second place for the competition: Wohnen am Stationsweg. In the outskirts of Monchengladbach we designed a carfree neighborhood, without paved roads and pavements. With freestanding houses on big plots the neighborhood is referring to the popular German "Kleingarten". Hedges with heights equal to eye-height separate the building plots. We focussed on collectivity. For example by creating hubs for (shared) parking and creating an energy transition between the electric cars and the electricity generated by the houses. But also by adding spaces such as collective green houses, working stations and a guest accommodation. More about Stationsweg

December - 2017

In collaboration with Döll Architects and Lola Landscape Design we won the competition for site H1 of the Alexianer Quartier, Germany. The competition was about designing an urban plan for 35 - 40 houses in Neuss, Germany. The objective was to create low-cost housing with the highest possible architectural quality . More about Alexianer Quartier